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Check in 5:30PM, Practice begins 6:30PM
Every Thursday . $40.00 per entry

  • Adult & youth singles event, scratch only.

  • 1 in 4 will cash with scholarship points awarded to the youth bowlers to their student accounts.

  • 4 games will be bowled across 4 pairs of lanes moving to the right after each game.

  • Match play after 4 games to determine top spots.

  • Match play cute based on number of bowlers.

  • Different sport shot pattern laid out each week. Posted to Facebook Group in advance.

  • Mystery games available for $9 that will cover the first 3 games (3 per game) - Adults only.

  • High game and bracket jackpots for the adults coming soon!



Drop in every Wednesday or Thursday. $20.00 entry fee.
Prize fund will be based on number of entries.

  • You will be given an entry slip and a pair of lanes to bowl 3 games on.

  • Your 3 game scratch total will be the entry to the tournament.

  • Turn the score sheet in and have it confirmed with the staff.

  • All score corrections must be done by the tournament director.

  • On August 25th, the top 9 highest scratch bowler scores will be paid out.

  • You may have unlimited entries but will only be paid out once.

  • You may not bowl on the same pair of lanes for back-to-back entries.

  • This is a non-sanctioned tournament.

  • You may be placed with other league bowlers (Up to 4 on a pair depending on availability).

  • Oil pattern will be a different challenge shot every day.

  • Top 10 scores will be posted weekly (Online & In-House). 

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