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Are you a youth bowler who wants to make your high school varsity roster? A tournament bowler who craves more success? A 200+ bowler who is tired of being a “donator” in your adult league jackpots? A bowler of any age who just loves the sport and knows you are capable of more?


We can help! USBC Silver Certified Coach (and Wiz-Bang’s Pro Shop employee) Scott Kapke is now offering lessons at Plaza Lanes. Regardless of your age, bowling background, or current skill level, Scott will carefully examine all aspects of your game and partner with you to make your individual style the very best it can be. Having averaged 220+ for entire league seasons using BOTH traditional thumb-in and modern thumb-out styles, Scott is uniquely positioned among coaches to understand and enhance your game REGARDLESS OF YOUR BOWLING STYLE (old-school, two-handed, and everything in between).

Contact Scott: scottkapke300900@yahoo.com

Nick Ray, Plymouth HS Class of 2016, All-KLAA Bowling 2015-2016season

“Coach Scott is the best coach I have ever had, in any sport”.